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Book Review: Wilde's Army

Wilde's Army
Title: Wilde's Army (Goodreads | Webpage)
Author: Krystal Wade (Website Blog | FB | Twitter)
Series: Darkness Falls #2
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Pub. Date: July 4th 2012
Source: Netgalley (thanks to Curiosity Quills Press!)
Rating: 4/5 Noodles

From Goodreads: 
“Hello, Katriona.”

Those two words spark fear in Katriona Wilde and give way to an unlikely partnership with Perth, the man she’s been traded to marry for a favor. Saving her true love and protector Arland, her family, and their soldiers keeps her motivated, but the at-odds duo soon realizes trust is something that comes and goes with each breath of Encardia’s rotting, stagnant air. The moment when concern for her missing sister spirals out of control, all thoughts of trust are pushed aside and she finds herself trapped by the daemon tricks Perth warned her of. 

However, rescuing those she loves is only half the problem. 

Kate still must get to Willow Falls, unite her clashing people, and form an army prepared to fight in order to defeat Darkness. When so many she’s grown fond of die along the journey, her ability to play by the gods’ rules is tested. 

How will she make allies when the world appears stacked against her? And will she still be Katriona Wilde, the girl with fire?
My review of Wilde's Fire (Darkness Falls #1)
This is better than the first book and the characters became stronger. More action and magic and great story. I really enjoyed reading this book. :D

The characters became stronger, especially Kate. She has the confidence now to control her magic, and she became more powerful. I really liked about her is her magic, her magic is so powerful that can kill hundreds of daemons. She didn't give up on protecting her family and her love. I really admire her when they were fighting with hundreds of daemons, and she was heavily wounded, but still she protects all the soldiers and children. I really admire her for doing that thing. But still there were some moments that she annoyed me.

Arland became stronger, but became a little weak also. Weak because he blames himself when something bad happens to Kate. Still, he became stronger character. He was willing to fight anything for Encardia, for children, for his family and especially for his love. He was willing to put a distance between him and Kate just for the safety of Kate. I admire him for doing that thing.

It was sad when Flanna became sad. In the first book, she was the one who put color and fun in the novel, but here she became sad and lonely.I understand her feeling, and it's really hard when someone important to you died. Oh, Brit! I really loved Brit, and I'm really happy that she already knew her prophecy. :D 

Still, the world was really awesome and interesting. I really loved the sprites, they always amaze me. Sprites and daemons were great idea. The different colors of flames that shows how powerful the person is was awesome and that was my favorite part. 

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. I'm really happy that the characters became stronger and I had a connection with them. The ending was a super cliffhanger. I can't wait to read the next book, and I want to know what will happen to Kate and Arland and the company. I want to know what will happen to that Dughbal. I'm really excited to read the next book! :D

The cover is really beautiful. I like the army in the background and Kate and Arland in front. Kate and Arland were like instructing and leading the army.
“Times are difficult enough without losing those we love."
- p. 106, Wilde's Army

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