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    ♦ About the blog:
Kari Po-Ku is a flavor of noodles here in Phillipines. The commercial of that noodle brand is really funny and catchy, so I decided to use it as my url. Kari Po-Ku Reads started last March 23, 2012. I decided to create this blog for sharing my thoughts about a specific book and to know the opinions of other blogger about a specific book. Kari Po-Ku Reads is a YA book blog that features different genres.

    ♦ About the blogger:
Hello! I'm Edward. A sixteen-year-old blogger. I started blogging since 2010. I used to manage a personal blog for almost 2 years, but I decided to delete it. Last March 2012, I decided to create this book blog. I'm not fan of reading before, but when I tried to read a whole novel, I really enjoyed it. My first novel  to read was Across the Universe by Beth Revis.

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