Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cover Reveals!

Across the Universe new coverse

I don't know what to say about the new covers. I don't like them! I like the old and the better one. Why they need to change the cover? :( I wish they will also release a cover of Shades of Earth that matches the old one.


Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer
Expected publication: February 5th 2013 by Feiwel and Friends
This book will feature Cinder and Little Red Riding Hood and will take place in France.

"Book two, Scarlet, is based on Little Red Riding Hood. It continues Cinder’s story as she attempts to escape Queen Levana’s vengeance and learn more about her past. The story also introduces readers to Scarlet, a girl living in southern France whose grandmother has mysteriously disappeared. In order to find her, Scarlet seeks the help of Wolf, a street fighter with more than a few mysteries of his own."


  1. Can't say I am loving the new covers. The original ones are much better.

    The one for Scarlet is pretty cool, though.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I'm so angry about the Across the Universe covers! What?! First they change the paperback and now they change the gorgeous cover series for a crappy third one? Ugh. So angry. I don't know why they even did it, I think the starry covers are beautiful.

    1. Yes! Why they need to change it? The original one is a lot better than the new one. I also like that starry and nebula effect of the orginal

  3. The new covers for Across the Universe are so generic. What was wrong with the original hardback covers? The human figures are weird, but I love the stars in the background. And even the paperback covers were better than these new ones.